My Mermaid Tales


Enchanting mermaid entertainment for kids parties.

Dive into a world of wonder and make a splash at your next event.

Personalized Consultation

Your event becomes our shared adventure, and we're dedicated to crafting an extraordinary mermaid experience that reflects your unique story.

Grand Entrance

Appearance as a mesmerizing mermaid, engaging with guests, and creating a magical atmosphere.

Mermaid's Cove

Your guests can meet Chloe the Mermaid while we capture the magic in a photo shoot that will preserve this extraordinary encounter forever.

Mermaid Performance

Immerse yourself in a captivating mermaid performance showcasing graceful underwater movements that transports you to a mystical realm beneath the waves.

Mermaid Tales

Step into a world of wonder and listen to Chloe the Mermaid captivate the audience with her tales of the deep sea.

Mermaid Makeovers

Transform guests into mystical sea creatures, mermaids, or other ocean-themed designs, adding an extra touch of whimsy and delight to the event.

Past Adventures

Mermaid Tales truly made our little one's birthday party an enchanting experience beyond our wildest dreams! From the moment the mermaid arrived, our backyard was transformed into an underwater fairytale. We can't thank Mermaid Tales enough for making our child's birthday party an extraordinary event that will be cherished for a lifetime. The professionalism, attention to detail, and genuine passion displayed by the entire Mermaid Tales team were truly remarkable. We highly recommend them to anyone seeking to create magical, unforgettable memories for their little ones!

Jones Family

Adventure Awaits

At Mermaid Tales, our mission is to transport children and adults alike into a world of wonder, imagination, and magic. With every event, we strive to bring smiles, create cherished memories, and make dreams come true, one magical tale at a time.

Embark On Your Journey

Mermaid Enchantment


Personalized consultation

Mermaid appearance

Photo ops

Siren Serenade


Personalized consultation

Mermaid appearance

Photo ops

Swimming performances

Mystical Mermaid


Personalized consultation

Mermaid appearance

Photo ops

Swimming performances

Story telling

Face painting

Relive the Memory

Pre-order your copy today to explore the enchanting world of "Chloe the Mermaid" with our captivating collection of books that will keep the magic alive long after your unforgettable mermaid experience. Cherish the memories you have created with our mermaid performances and dive into these remarkable stories, where every turn of the page reignites the sparkle of those precious moments.

Chloe the Mermaid